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Vivid Connect has been working with Universities and Nonprofits like Hands on DC to help support the new generation of entrepreneurs and business owners as well as contributing to local charities all around the country with similar missions. Our employees have clocked over 2,500 hours giving back to these organizations. We recognize that, in order to achieve our mission of building businesses based on relationships we have to help create better communities rooted in deeper connections by extending the necessary resources, teaching new generations the value of giving back, and focusing on ways to lift each other upwards. Our community outreach efforts are centered around providing financial literacy education to young entrepreneurs and families that need help with their financial stability, gathering volunteer and financial support for local education based nonprofits, and connecting business owners with health and wellness experiences to increase success rates of their businesses. 



giving back to Future Entrepreneurs

Financial Literacy for Young Entrepreneurs

Supporting Universities & Education Nonprofits

Health and wellness experiences for startup business owners

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