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Kim Torrence

Bold Branding for a strong professional services company…from the ground up 


Helping clients transform their lives by overcoming the challenges of stress, trauma and attachment was not a problem for Kim Torrence, but capturing the essence of her personal brand to tell the true story and showcase her impact has been a challenge —until now.


Kim Torrence 


Strategy, Brand Concept, Brand Identity, Print Collateral, Website, Iconography, UI/UX 


Kim faced the challenge of transitioning her brand from working primarily with insurance-based clients to catering to executives and influential women. This required a strategic rebranding effort to elevate her image and attract a more high-profile clientele.


 We wanted to get Kim Torrence’s brand to speak for itself. Working side-by-side with Kim, we developed a vibrant brand rooted in the core values of Kim’s practices, services, and office environment. Successful transformation meant incorporating client behaviors both during the purchasing journey and in the office into the rebranding. While office visits are protected by HIPPA, we were still able to take a deeper dive with Kim herself into the user experiences in and out of the office and create a seamless transition for an ideal simulated experience online. 


Making the brand bolder yet more serene to attract the right clients was at the core of the transformation. The comprehensive strategy process to transform her brand included creation of icons that resonated with each service and pain point she helped with, voice of the customer messaging, a revamped website to uplift the brand, and a cohesive visual identity to position Kim as an expert in trauma healing, mindfulness, attachment and somatic self-care for executives and influential women. 

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