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or 3 payments of $1,997

What you get:

Process: Discovery Session + 6 Bi-weekly meetings for 3 months or 1 monthly meeting for 6 months with a focus on setting up and rapidly growing a business within 6-12 months. 

Topics covered over 3-6 month 

☑️ Business Registration and legal setup 

☑️ Brand Development 

☑️ SWOT Market Analysis 

☑️ Lean startup approach 

☑️ Basic Systems Setup with future growth in mind to save you time and money 

☑️ Brand, product and service positioning 

☑️ Create a sustainable business that can be sold or used for retirement with the right Exit Plan 

☑️ Small team setup and Optimization 

Divide your payment into 3 Easy Installments 

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or 6 payments of $1,997

What you get:

Process: Discovery Session + 12 Bi-weekly meetings + Results meeting + 11 Bi-weekly meetings + Results meeting 

over 12 months with a focus on setting up and rapidly growing a business within 12 months. 

Topics covered over 12 months :

☑️ Develop a clear understanding of your brand and target audience to Grow Massively on Social Media 

☑️ Expand innovation & strategic planning within your organization to Optimize Operations 

☑️ Improve recruitment and Team building  

☑️ Empower Transformational Leaders to achieve even more success and Maximize Revenue 

☑️ Elevate Branding & Marketing to Dominate Your Market 

☑️ Overcome Challenges of Change Management to Retain Employees and Attract Partners 

☑️ Improve Customer Relationship Management to Strengthen the Brand 

☑️ Automate your Systems and Systematize your Operations 

Divide your payment into 6 Easy Installments 

Cancel at any time

our Process

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Business coaches are often hired by business owners who want to grow, increase profitability, improve the performance of their employees, or resolve issues such as high worker turnover, low morale, employee burnout, or poor communication. Business coaching can help businesses of all sizes come up with solutions, strategies, and action plans for attaining their goals. Once you reach a certain threshold you current coach may no longer be able to help you and you have to level up to another business coach who can help you reach the next 10x goal that you set for yourself. That’s why even the millionaires still attend masterminds and hire new coaches. 

What are the benefits of business coaching?

Company Benefits – Companies can benefit from business coaching by achieving a better corporate culture, more open and productive communication, higher levels of productivity, increased profit, and business expansion. 

Individual Benefits – Individual business owners, leaders, and employees can benefit from Business Coaching by improving interpersonal and relationship skills, increasing self-confidence, learning time management strategies, and enjoying a healthier work-life balance. 

How do I find the right business coach?

A common misconception about business coaches is that they must be experts in your field. While many business coaches possess extensive business knowledge and experience, they need not be experts in your line of business to deliver quality coaching services. The underlying philosophy of business coaching is that the individuals within the company participating in the coaching, whether you are the CEO or the front-line staff, are the experts in your business. The role of the coach is to help you come up with your own solutions, strategies and an action plan for improving the business. 

 All too often, a perfect action plan is created but there is little to no follow-through. A business coach offers objective, unbiased accountability to execute the plan, learn from the outcomes, revise the plan and take further action. A good business coach will also help create accountability structures that will encourage individuals to take consistent action to improve their performance and the overall performance of the company. 

I am a solopreneur. Can a business coach help me?

Of course! Business coaches can help businesses of all sizes grow and improve their performance. 

I need help with advertising / marketing / social media presence. Is this something a business coach can help with?

Yes. Many business coaches specialize in specific areas of business growth, including advertising, marketing, social media presence, e-commerce, brand management, etc. 

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