6 Signs of a Bad Website

  1. Outdated and mot responsive design not mobile & tablet friendly
  2. No list/leads building mechanism
  3. Confusing navigation and hard to find contact info
  4. Poor Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Ranking, incorrect keyword usage
  5. Lack of a clear purpose/positioning
  6. No call to action (CTA) or too many CTAs (4+) per page

5 Reasons to Redesign

  1. 21% of small business websites are not optimized for mobile
  2. 26% of small businesses can’t be found in online searches due to poor keyword use and SEO
  3. 75% of users judge business credibility based on website & 60% won’t shop on outdated websites
  4. 93% of small business websites lack CTAs
  5. When shopping online 40% of users are concerned about website security