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CMC Repro

Bold Branding for a strong professional services company…from the ground up 


A small women owned printing shop in the Maryland area, started to gain more visibility after working with us to uplift their image and brand visibility. CMC repro is owned and operated by two humble and very ambitious women, Cathy Chenowith and Liudmila Falsafi. While they had a lot of walk in traffic, gaining greater traction with larger construction and building clients was challenging with their existing brand.   


CMC Repro 


Strategy, Rebranding Concept, Brand Identity, Print Collateral, Trade Show Displays, Website, Iconography, UI/UX


CMC Repro transformation was a multi-faceted approach which needed to cover the digital space, marketing across channels and events presence. It started with rebranding to create a cleaner and more recognizable and memorable brand. The next steps in the brand uplift took us across various dimensions, starting with the digital space. Recognizing the power of online presence, we revamped their website to reflect a modern and professional image, showcasing their printing services prominently and emphasizing their commitment to quality and service. This digital facelift not only enhanced their online visibility but also provided a user-friendly platform for potential clients to explore their offerings.



In the realm of online marketing, we wanted the CMC Repro’s brand to feel personalized and approachable, while also letting future clients know that the company is DBE and MBE certified and run by women you can trust. This involved engaging content and interactive campaign strategies capturing the attention of a broader audience. The result was a significant increase in brand awareness and customer engagement. For in-person events, we created a trade show display catching the attention of people browsing the event. These initiatives not only fostered a stronger connection with the local community but also positioned CMC Repro as a reputable partner for construction and building clients. 


The combination of a revitalized digital presence and impactful in-person events ignited a transformation that propelled CMC Repro upward allowing the company to remain resilient during the COVID recession and continuously maintaining steady growth in the DC Metropolitan area.

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