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Urban Artistry

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Urban Artistry is a nonprofit geared to help teens in the DC metro area elevate their potential through urban dance. The organization had a great logo and community presence, but its brand and online presence was disconnected for the users by the multiple websites and tools they utilized. The biggest challenge they faced was having a cohesive, warm and engaging online presence that improved user experience and increase event and class attendance. 


Urban Artistry 


Brand Strategy, Website, Iconography, UI/UX


Through a series of insightful discovery meetings, our team collaboratively engaged with Urban Artistry to illuminate the unique challenges within their vibrant community. We delved into understanding user struggles with existing digital tools and envisioned what a truly enriching online experience would entail.



Our goal was to enhance user access to information, providing a seamless navigation experience that empowers them to effortlessly discover classes aligning with their interests. We wanted to keep dancers effortlessly informed about upcoming Urban Artistry events. Together with the Urban Artistry team, we aspired to create a digital space that not only addresses challenges but also fosters a dynamic, warm, and engaging community platform for all.


Our team embarked on a transformative journey with Urban Artistry, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering teens in the DC metro area through urban dance. Our mission was to bridge these gaps and create a unified, warm, and engaging online presence that resonated with users. Understanding the crucial need for cohesion, we worked to align the brand’s digital elements seamlessly. The primary focus was on enhancing user experience, making information accessible, and ultimately boosting attendance at events and classes. Through strategic interventions and a user-centric approach, we successfully revitalized Urban Artistry’s digital presence, providing a welcoming platform that fosters connection and elevates the organization’s mission.

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