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ABC Imaging 

Bold Branding for a strong professional services company…from the ground up 


ABC Imaging is one of the largest printing and reprographic companies in the DC metropolitan area. The company has 34 locations worldwide and services a wide range of printing, commercial installations, 3D modeling, and video production services. Always keeping a pulse on the changing trends worldwide, the company continuously thrives for the most innovative marketing and brand image.  


ABC Imaging 


Strategy, Rebranding Concept, Brand Identity, Print Collateral, Trade Show Displays, Website, Iconography, UI/UX 


The owner of the company wants to always have an extra edge to inspire viewers with marketing, events, services and everything that the company produces. This means, always staying on top of the trends, elevating ABC’s image with every promotion and improving the user experience for business, commercial and consumer customers alike. 


Maria has worked with ABC Imaging on a number of different rebranding and promotional projects, including the rebranding of the window displays of the Baltimore location and a series of holiday and new location opening promotions along with the trade show displays and other iconography to set the brand apart from the competition. 


Working with the marketing team, offset team and various ABC locations Maria gained an insight on the strong brand and credibility of the ABC Imaging company. Utilizing innovative offset finishes and a bold brand image, Maria created window wraps, Trade Show Displays, marketing and location opening promotions to help strengthen the ABC brand for walk in and business clients.  

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