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Drexel University 

A dynamic demonstration of an improved student ecosystem that students are excited to be a part of 


Drexel University placed in the top 100 universities in the United States in 2024 and has also ranked as 18th most innovative university. As many other universities with customized systems and online environments, Drexel faced the challenge of creating an online learning space that would allow students to have a seamless experience for their learning, focusing on student behaviors and habits.


Drexel University 


Research, Strategy, Ecosystem Concept, Use Cases and Student Persona Mode Development, Taxonomy, UI/UX


Research on open source online learning systems like MOOCs and environments used by other universities along with student learning behaviors data led us to key differentiators that Drexel University could leverage. Their online space needed to portray a versatile, engaging environment designed for any type of learner. To be successful, students needed to have different learning modes incorporated and different tools at their disposal that could aid them in a variety of activities.  


Assisting universities over the past 10 years with improving online classrooms and increasing student conversions and retention, the Vivid Connect team was super excited about the prospect of working on this project to improve student learning outcomes by innovating the online space. Most of all, our research in the online Drexel classrooms coupled with student feedback through surveys indicated that students were just as interested in the new ecosystem as the university!  


The ecosystem concept developed by our team helped reinforce the notion of multi space learning by developing different modes of learning and the user experience in each mode of learning to increase learning outcomes. The ecosystem prototype was presented to the Drexel Executive team and received lots of praise from the university and student communities.  

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