63% of companies are looking to
do a website REDESIGN this year.

Are you?

A website redesign should be done every 2-3 years to keep up with the latest design trends, user behavior, and search engine algorithms. We create websites that tell a story about your brand while staying on top of the latest technology trends and user experiences. We specialize in helping your brand stand out attracting more traffic and clients for your business.


Website design that really make you look



How Vivid Connect Helps Companies

Improve Website Performance


Each brand is about the experience people have when they visit your company in person or online, the way information is presented and communicated to the clients to make them feel empowered, and the visual and physical presentation of the products and services that your brand has to offer. Our main goal is to create a customer experience that translates seamlessly to your target audience and allows them to more easily engage with your website.

Intelligent UI/UX Design

We create user experiences that intentionally guide your future clients down a clear paths to conversion following your desired customer journey.


Mobile First & Responsive Websites

61% of your website visitors are on mobile! Your website should be device-agnostic, built for mobile first, and responsive to every device they are using. 

Site Speed & Optimization

Slower page loads = fewer website visits! Optimizing speed times can make a significant impact on your overall search ranking as well as your website conversion rate.


Interactive Campaigns & Funnels

Your sales pages should engage users, build credibility and convert! Interactive funnels and lead generating content offers such as checklists & quizzes help turn cold leads to clients.

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GET Your Website Redesign Audit NOW

This is a Complementary 30 Minute Success Session to ensure your project is off to a great start! To get the most out of this meeting, use a lot of details in your answers to questions below.

Our process is simple:

1.  We do a complimentary website audit with your team to determine if we are the right fit for your business to work with.

2.  We meet for a 30 minute discovery session to do a deep dive into your company’s goals and needs.

3.  Vivid Connect team creates the website within 2-3 weeks and updates it with images and content provided by your company. Content development is an optional add-on.